Case Study Backgrounders


Cases in the Deepwater Gulf:

  1. Ocean Planning in the Gulf of St. Lawrence – GOSLIM PDF (533KB)
  2. Management and Environment in GSL Fisheries (PDF forthcoming)
  3. Oil and Gas in the Gulf of St Lawrence PDF (725KB)
  4. Environmental Governance and Infrastructure in the Gulf PDF (632KB)
  5. Environmental Remediation and the Irving Whale PDF (528KB)
  6. Marine Shipping: Ballast Water and Invasive Species (PDF forthcoming)

Cases in the Coastal Margin:

  1. Negotiating Property Rights in Coastal Marine Protected Areas (PDF forthcoming)
  2. Shoreline Development and Environmental Protection (PDF forthcoming)
  3. Environmental Aspects of Aquaculture (PDF forthcoming) 
  4. Ports Management and Dredging (PDF forthcoming)
  5. Coastal Erosion in the Gulf of St. Lawrence (PDF forthcoming)
  6. Small Craft Harbours PDF (531KB)


This research was supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.